LUMOS: Our 2017 Charity #WeAreLumos


Be the light you wish to see in the world.

It’s a concept I’ve always tried to live by. I’ve lived a fortunate and privileged life when so many others haven’t and it’s incredibly important to remember that this is something that isn’t a choice. Children just can’t do anything about growing up less fortunate than others. Perhaps you consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Perhaps you don’t. I’m sure there were other families you looked to when you were growing up and thought, ‘I wish our family were more like that’; because they had more money, a larger house, happier smiles in their photographs. We’re all guilty of it and it’s only human.

But there are children out there – millions of them, in fact – who don’t get to live with a family at all. 8 million children worldwide are living in institutions because they are poor, disabled, from an ethnic minority or from a family who can’t care for them right. These children deserve the same chances as the rest of us. They deserve loving homes, parents and carers who can look after them and nurture them, medical care. They can’t make this happen on their own – without us, they have no chance of it happening at all. That’s where we – where LUMOS – step in.

Lumos works in partnership with governments, professionals and carers, communities, families and children, to transform outdated systems that drive families apart.  Together with their partners they replace institutions with community based services that provide children with access to health, education and social care tailored to their individual needs.  This supports families to provide the loving care their children need to develop to their full potential and build a positive future for themselves.

I want to be the light I wish to see in the world. I want to stand up for what I believe in, make a difference on the issues I care about, make my mark and change lives. And I want you to stand beside me. NyxRising Industries will be supporting LUMOS throughout 2017 in a series of charity fundraising events – we’ve got a charity livestream and prize giving on the cards, as well as charity items in our store. Visit our JustGiving page to make a direct donation to LUMOS that has no overhead costs for us, giving them more. £250 can take a child out of an institution and reintegrate them into a loving family environment for good. We’ve set a preliminary goal of £1000 in 2017. Make change happen. Make 2017 count. 

Every child deserves a light in the darkness. Every child deserves the opportunity to become the person they were born to be. Join NyxRising Industries in making that happen. #WeAreLumos

Donate to LUMOS today

Learn more about LUMOS from J.K. Rowling and Eddie Redmayne:

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