Original Character Cosplay Competition!

It’s competition time again! This time we’re looking to cosplay people’s original character designs. I’m really excited about this one because it’s a chance to team up with some of our supporters and really get people creating. The start of a community!

Obviously there’s three of us and we can’t all cosplay one character (well we could, but why?) but luckily it already looks like we’re going to get enough entries in that we can choose a winner each. There’ll be a prize for each winner too, as follows:

– We make your original design as a costume
– You’ll receive 10 digital images from a photoshoot on location
– Plus a signed 8×11 print of one of those photos
– Free NyxRising stickers too!

I can’t wait to see what people come up with. Personally I write a lot of original characters (if you don’t know, I’m working on my first novel, but more on that some other time) but I often find myself pining over other designs thinking ‘I wish I’D come up with that’. I’m looking forward to bringing some people’s vision to life too, because I know how much I’d love to see people dressed as my characters too.

We do have some T’s and C’s to abide to which are further below, but to enter all you have to do is submit this form to NyxRising@hotmail.com with your artwork, written work, reference images etc. (NB: it doesn’t have to be drawn, it can be a description instead – we’re not artists and we don’t expect you to be)

YOUR NAME: *As you want it signed on your print if you win*
NAMES OF OTHER PEOPLE TO CREDIT: *If you submit a collaboration design*
YOUR EMAIL: *for us to email if you win*
CHARACTER’S NAME: *repeat if you are submitting more than one character*
WHERE/WHAT THEY ARE FROM: *Fandom or Original*
DESCRIBE THEM PHYSICALLY: *Not required if artwork submission but can be included if you want*
TELL US ABOUT THEM: *As much detail as you like… age, species, history, world they come from, etc.*
ADDITIONAL REFERENCES/INSPIRATION: *Optional ie. Pinterest moodboards, playlists, etc. etc.*

Entries must be in by March 21st, winner to be announced March 22nd. We’re not choosing based on art or writing skill, but rather on what inspires us the most so please include everything you think we’d need to grasp your character fully.

Terms and Conditions as follows:

* Only one entry per character BUT you can enter as many characters as you want! You can enter as many TIMES as you want with different characters! Go wild!
* Design must be original to you. Please do not submit anyone else’s artwork or writing without their express consent – ie. if you are collaborating with them
* Doesn’t have to be new for the competition – you can have had the design for years if you want
* Any gender character welcome. Similarly any ethnicity welcome but please be aware that -we- are going to be the ones cosplaying it
* Can be from within any fandom regardless of whether we know about it, but if you’d rather it be from something we know please just tweet us @NyxRising and ask if we know of that thing!
* Please no full anthropomorphic characters – animal features are fine but we don’t have the skill to do a fursuit justice!
* Similarly please be aware we would struggle to make full suits of armor
* We won’t discriminate between fantasy, modern, sci fi and so on. This is not a competition for who has the most embellishments – we all love a good leather jacket-wearing ass-kicking modern character as much as the next person
* Please try to include at least some visual references – it doesn’t have to be art, but photo inspiration, pinterest boards, something to give us a clue about what we’d need to make – alternatively, a really detailed visual description of the character and outfit
* Winner and who will cosplay the winning character is at the discretion of Nyx, Bee and Sasha. There may be more than one winner if we get enough entries – we hope so!

We’ve had over 30 entries already and it’s not been 24 hours yet, so we’ve got high hopes for this one! Thanks everyone and good luck 🙂

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