#NRSelfCare: Learn to Love Yourself

Self Care is so incredibly important. No matter what might be slowing you down, whether it’s work, family, school, relationships, health or you just find yourself putting other things ahead of yourself, you need to carve out some time to take care of number one.

With this in mind (and because we’re typically bad at it) we’ve come up with a 30-day Self Care challenge to help you do something for yourself each and every day that eases the unbearable load of life. It’s not just about pampering – it’s about self discovery. Discovering little habits that you need to keep your health, happiness and sanity in check on a day-to-day basis.

In this video you’ll find my best easy self care tips, and my self care manifesto:

Promise to be better to yourself. Promise, in fact, to love yourself. Remind yourself every day that your self-worth cannot be measured by your appearance, your relationships, your family, or your follower count. It cannot be measured in grades or salary.

Promise to be kind, and fiercely loyal to the people who treat you well. Do not bend or break for the people who don’t. Try not to gossip or judge others, and never judge yourself. You are not other people’s opinions of you. You are not less important than anyone else. You are not your diagnosis, your parents, or your mistakes.

Do not ignore your needs. Remember to eat, drink, exercise. Don’t ignore what’s happening now, in the present. Respect your limits, and remember to breathe. Forgive yourself for whatever you’re clinging onto and start moving forwards towards being your own hero.

Join us in our 30 Day Challenge. Repeat as necessary. This is not meant to be a fix-all, but hopefully you can find a way to help carry that burden. We’re tracking the hashtag #NRSelfCare and we’ll be using it to, so keep us up to day with what you’re doing!


Good luck and I’d love to hear how it goes.

Much love!

~ Nyx

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