Year 3: a New Start for NyxRising

Note: The below is just a rambling of my thoughts – nothing is set in stone, although I’d like to try all of this moving forwards 🙂

August 19th marks the start of the third year of NyxRising Industries. It’s quite an accomplishment. In a recent Patreon blog post, I wrote on how unlikely it was that I’d ever get here and how much of a miraculous achievement it is for me personally – as a serial underachiever and self-sabotager – to have stuck at something for so long and worked so hard on it. I can’t deny it – I’ve found my element in NyxRising.

The thing is, I’m constantly challenging myself to reach the next level with everything we do; whether that is technically or creatively. Our camera work and equipment has improved. Our writing has improved. My editing has improved time and time again. And slowly, I feel that my reach out to you guys – our beautiful community – has improved too. But there’s still so much I want to achieve and to offer, and that’s what this post is really about.

Year three means three things:

  • Doing everything we want to do without worrying whether people will like it. I’m finally (cautiously) letting myself accept that you’re all excited to see what we come out with, no matter what it is
  • Starting on the projects I’ve been dreaming about, like original series and the podcast I keep banging on about all the time
  • Finally getting around to all the community things I’ve wanted to do in the last year, like the ambassador scheme, the forum, the mailing list, the NyxBox and so on

It also means figuring out where the channel is going. As it stands, we’ve only ever really been flinging sh*t at a wall (as such) and seeing what sticks. You guys have responded in kind. You’ve been wonderful. And we know what you’ve really enjoyed, especially thanks to our recent giveaway where you all shared your favourite videos with us to enter.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of NR. We’ve got a ton of series going on – actually, the list of fandoms we’ve filmed for to date is:

  • Harry Potter (Malfoys)
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Until Dawn
  • X-Men
  • Hannibal
  • The Vampire Chronicles
  • Life is Strange
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Scooby Doo
  • Warm Bodies
  • Gravity Falls
  • Harry Potter (Marauders)
  • Harry Potter (Trio)
  • Star Trek
  • Dream Daddy
  • Avengers
  • iZombie

It’s kind of been a bit mad really, especially considering we almost always film in our living room. Almost too mad.

Which is why we ran a poll on our Patreon, asking you guys if you really wanted to see 19 fandoms going on all at once. The main problem with it is that with only two upload slots a week (and more would be the death of me whilst I’m still working full time) we can only post an episode of each very infrequently. Even if we posted one episode of a series on Monday and Friday every week, that’s still months between episodes.

The general consensus on the poll was that it’s too much. You’d rather see less series, more frequently. I get that. I appreciate that. It’s just time to decide what gets pride of place first.

But in general, I’ve decided on one thing – stick to 4 or 5 series at a time, and only introduce a new one when we’ve finished one. It means I can dedicate more time to each one and to improving our quality, and you guys get an episode of each thing every few weeks rather than months. I think it’s the right way to tog!

Our main series are The Real Malfoys, Night Vale Presents, Blackwood Files, Kirkwall Coffee and Sonorus… so that’s where I’ll be training my attention and effort moving forwards.When a series ends, we’ll pick up another (a new Life is Strange series is overdue, I know, although I’m inclined to wait for Before the Storm before we pick back up) or do something totally new.

Maybe this is all just speculation. Who knows if I’ll be able to stick to it? There’s so much I want to do, but I know you guys want to see more of the things you love. Hopefully I can find a happy medium! With Malfoys one episode from completion, Blackwood finishing in October and Night Vale close to finishing too, we’ll be throwing brand new content at you before you know it. But for now, I’m simply excited to see what the new year will bring for us. I can’t believe we’re starting it with more than 13,000 subscribers – thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of you.

Alongside the five series above, I’m hoping to bring you the podcast, and a regular blog series on here catching up with other cosplayers and creators as well. So keep an eye out!

Thank you again – I’m so happy you’re sharing this journey with us.

All my love,



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