FAQs: Our upload schedule, or ‘how to get more of your favourite shows’

Question: When is the next episode of X?

The short answer is, as soon as we can. We’ll never cancel a show (at least not without shouting about it publicly so everyone knows it’s coming) so there is always another episode coming. Sometimes we plan a new episode and get to it instantly, but sometimes we can’t – it’s really all down to our actors schedules (we all work and many of us don’t live near each other) and when we can get together to film. But there is a longer answer than that, so let me go into it here!

We’ve been asked quite a few times in the past month or so what our upload schedule is or when a new episode of a certain show is coming out and I’m always wary about answering. Those of you who support us on Patreon you may have already seen a glimpse of our upload schedule – or at least how we try to stick to it.

I’m really happy with the direction NyxRising Industries has been taking lately. We’ve been creating content that I personally feel is a huge step forwards in terms of production value – Kirkwall Coffee, Tales from the Cul-de-sac, Blackwood Files, and even the newer Malfoys episodes are leaps and bounds ahead of some of our earlier episodes. It’s the sort of progress that exhilarates and motivates me to keep going, and when you guys respond in kind, I can’t begin to describe the contentment it delivers.

That said, another thing that compels us towards improvement is finding new projects to work on; obviously Dream Daddy has been a huge hit for us, and we have passionately enjoyed making videos for the fandom; we’re brimming with more and more ideas every day. It keeps us creative, pushes our limits, and it helps draw new viewers to the channel. In fact, the only downside of finding new shows to make is that it often puts older shows on the back burner.

The thing is, we have so many shows on the go and only upload twice a week so we try to space out episodes to make sure everything gets a turn. The next thing you know, it’s been five months since our last episode of something and we’ve not actually even realised! I’d love to upload more that twice a week, but every video takes a few days to make at least and we’re working around full-time jobs and living in different places around the country and all sorts that makes it harder. Plus it can take months to come up with a new episode idea that is as good as we’d like it to be.

Typically, I’ll make a 4 to 8 week schedule that includes updates to all the shows we haven’t uploaded in a while. We’ll try our best to stick to it and use it as a guide on what we need to film, but it’s not always possible – or we’ll have another idea that’ll be something we can film on the spot (like Much Ado About Parenting). Quality is really important to our channel, and so we’d rather put out something high quality than force out another episode of something we don’t have the right idea for yet.

It’s also a case of supply and demand. If you guys are responding well to something and enjoying it, we’ll do more of it much quicker because making you guys happy makes us happy. The response to Dream Daddy has been amazing, hence us putting so much of it up recently, whilst we haven’t felt much demand to continue our Gravity Falls pilot, so that’s been put off for ages.

The long and short of it is, we want you guys to let us know what you want to see! We want to make content that makes us happy, of course we do, but we wouldn’t be where we are without our audience and you guys are the lifeblood of NyxRising Industries. We will get to the next episode of everything eventually – of course we will. But without you lot shouting about it, we’ve got no idea what you’re really missing the most. Desperate for the next Night Vale Presents or another X-Men skit? Make some noise about it! Shout at us on social media, band together with other viewers and tell us what you want to see! We’re desperate for feedback, so don’t feel like you’re being demanding by telling us what you want to see next. A quick comment saying ‘could we please have more of X soon?’ or a nudge reminding us it’s been months since the last episode of something is so, so very appreciated.

That said, here’s what we plan to make/upload very soon (but as I mentioned, we try our best to stick to the plan but it’s not always possible):

  • History: It’s All A Little Bit Silly 4
  • Tales from the Cul-De-Sac 3
  • Strexcorp Shorts 2
  • Kirkwall Coffee 3
  • Blackwood Files 9 & 10

Anyway, I hope this sheds a little light on what’s coming when! Let us know here or on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Youtube. If you want more out of NyxRising whilst you’re waiting, bloopers, outtakes and behind the scenes are available on our Patreon – and if you’d like to support us in other ways, you can buy our merchandise on Storenvy or tip us on KoFi!

Love always,

Nyx & the team

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