NyxRising Industries are a UK-based Youtube group who make comedy sketches, parody series and music videos for our favourite films, video games, and more including as Life is Strange, J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding WorldX-Men and Welcome to Night Vale. We’ve been active since August 2015 and you can find out more about how we came to be and who runs the channel here.

We upload twice a week to our Youtube channel, on Monday and Friday afternoons (that’s British time) and try to keep a healthy balance of in-character skits, music videos and out of character videos. We love doing Youtube challenges, so tweet us at @NyxRising if there are any challenges you’d like to see (in or out of costume)!

2017 will see more convention vlogs, unboxing videos (send us mail to open!) as well as the introduction of new segments including personal vlogs, our Cosplay & Coffee talk show, fiction-inspired cooking videos and more. We’re also planning some exciting original content (our very first entirely original series is coming this year!) including a potential podcast. Nyx (founder and director) is working on a novel too, which should be going out to publishers by the end of the year.

We are also starting charity work this year – our 2017 charity is LUMOS and you can find out much more about what we’re doing to support them on our news post here and on our JustGiving page. Want to get involved with our fundraising? Drop us a line over on our Contact Us page!

More than anything, our channel is built on the love and support we receive from the people who watch our videos. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, whether you’re supporting us with donations, spreading the word, being an active member of the community or just enjoying what we create. You are the heart and soul of NyxRising Industries and we can’t thank you enough.

Set your sights on the stars, because you can achieve anything you dream of.

Thank you for helping us achieve ours.