NyxRising Industries started in August 2015 and back then, it was just myself and Sasha and a whole lot of dreams. Our very first video – an Avengers Maximoff twins themed music video – was an exciting step forward in the direction we’d wanted to go for many, many years but after that, we were stumped. What to do next? Video making was tough with just the two of us, and may well have fizzled out without the influence of the wonderful Bee who swanned back into our lives in September. The three of us moved in together and started making videos semi-regularly in April 2016. We were joined by Jack just after our one year channel anniversary and things have only been growing since then! Our Tribe extends to each and every person featured on our channel and to our fans, patrons and supporters too.

Why ‘Tribe’?

My grandfather was a great American explorer and I’ve been raised to embrace culture from all around the world – this means so much to me. I am also an advocate that positivity, generosity and kindness can change the world.

The Ryukyuan people of Okinawa Island have some of the longest life expectancies ever. It’s believed this is due to their lifestyle; they create extremely close relationships in tribe communities they call ‘moais’ – a handful of people as close as family, bound to support each other for life. They share and support each other in all their interests, whether social, financial, health or spiritual.

Bee, Sasha, and Jack are my moai – my tribe. I would do anything for them and I believe our friendship is as eternal as the constellations in the sky that I watch so fondly.

We want to invite you to join our tribe and share in the special bond we have. We love all of our supporters so much and we’re here for all of you, through all of it.

~ Nyx