FAQs: Our upload schedule, or ‘how to get more of your favourite shows’

Question: When is the next episode of X? The short answer is, as soon as we can. We’ll never cancel a show (at least not without shouting about it publicly so everyone knows it’s coming) so there is always another episode coming. Sometimes we plan a new episode and get to it instantly, but sometimes we can’t – it’s really all down to our actors … Continue reading FAQs: Our upload schedule, or ‘how to get more of your favourite shows’

#NRSelfCare: Learn to Love Yourself

Self Care is so incredibly important. No matter what might be slowing you down,¬†whether it’s work, family, school, relationships, health or you just find yourself putting other things ahead of yourself, you need to carve out some time to take care of number one. With this in mind (and because we’re typically bad at it) we’ve come up with a 30-day Self Care challenge to … Continue reading #NRSelfCare: Learn to Love Yourself

Original Character Cosplay Competition!

It’s competition time again! This time we’re looking to cosplay people’s original character designs. I’m really excited about this one because it’s a chance to team up with some of our supporters and really get people creating. The start of a community! Obviously there’s three of us and we can’t all cosplay one character (well we could, but why?) but luckily it already looks like … Continue reading Original Character Cosplay Competition!

LUMOS: Our 2017 Charity #WeAreLumos

Be the light you wish to see in the world. It’s a concept I’ve always tried to live by. I’ve lived a fortunate and privileged life when so many others haven’t and it’s incredibly important to remember that this is something that isn’t a choice. Children just can’t do anything about growing up less fortunate than others. Perhaps you consider yourself one of the lucky … Continue reading LUMOS: Our 2017 Charity #WeAreLumos