NyxRising Industries is heavily based on the idea of support and building a community, hence why we refer to ourselves and you guys as our Tribe! We adore the community that we have built together and we want to help it grow. For now, we have the following pages to try and involve you guys with what we do – but we’re hoping to expand this in the future!

Get Involved! 

As our channel grows and evolves we want to try and involve you all as much as we can. Be that through sending us questions to answer, sending us short clips for us to feature or – on our larger planned projects – coming along and either helping out in front or behind the camera, There is so much that we want to do! Keep an eye on this page for updates as we start trying to put our dreams to page and from page to screen.

Have your say!

We want your feedback. However you want to drop us a line, we’d love to hear what you think of our channel, what videos you’d like to see in the future, ideas you have for content and so on.

Fan Content!

Artwork, photo edits, writing, video clips – we love receiving gifts from you guys! It makes us unbelievably happy that anyone would spend their time and talents to create something and we this is where we showcase that!