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If you want to know whether we’re coming to a convention, you can check our Events page for the latest news. If you would like to know whether we’d consider coming to a convention near you, the answer is of course! We’d love to meet you and see your area. The best way to arrange this is to contact the convention itself and ask them to invite us along as guests. We will try to get to as many conventions as we can on our own in 2017, but if the con-goers ask the convention to have us, it’s much more likely you’ll see us there (especially if it is overseas from the UK).

If you work for or run a convention and you are reading this page, we would LOVE to attend. We are happy hosting panels and judging contests, and most of us are experienced in doing so. Just drop us an email and we’ll be there whatever it takes.



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Anything sent to NyxRising Industries will be saved and opened in an unboxing/mail video! Thanks for even considering it – we’re so excited at the idea. Our favourite things to receive would be fan art and letters, but by all means send us the craziest stuff you can find if you feel like it.


We are always up for collaborations on projects with other channels. Please throw your ideas our way via whatever means you see fit (Facebook and Twitter are good ways to get hold of us) and we’ll see what we can do. We’d love you to get involved so let’s do it!

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