We get a huge number of questions to our blog ask box, so we’ve been gathering the most frequently asked ones here for you!

Ask us anything here

  • Who are NyxRising Industries? 

NyxRising Industries are a UK Youtube production company. We make a variety of videos, but most commonly what some people have referred to as ‘live action fanfiction’ – fan-made episodic series about our favourite shows, video games, movies, books and so on. We also make cosplay music videos, educational and original comedy videos, self help videos, and more.

We were founded in August 2015. The channel started as just Nyx (director and producer) and Sasha; Bee joined shortly after, and around a year after that we were joined by Jack and then Chase in turn.

We also feature many repeat players in our shows, most commonly Sammi, Reiss, Marley, Hannah, Steven and Gerry.

We all act in our videos – most of them are filmed and edited by Nyx, but over time everyone has gotten involved in the production here and there. The exception is our History series, which is filmed and edited by Jack. We all come up with the storylines of our shows together.

  • How can I help support you?

The BEST way to support our channel is to share our content around with others you think would enjoy it. That’s how we grow! However if you would like to support us financially we have a variety of options:

PATREON – we have a Patreon account where you can donate a small monthly amount (anything from $1+) in exchange for perks and exclusive content. This is our main support network and funds 90% of what we do.

TAD – we are partnered with the TAD app, a free-to-use app that allows users to watch adverts in exchange for credits. The credits can be donated to creators like us, and are then converted into money. Free for you, fruitful for us!

KO-FI – we are also on ko-fi as ‘NyxrisingIndustries’; here you can donate a small one-off amount starting from £3 (the cost of a coffee!) and up to as much as you like.

PAYPAL – we also accept Paypal payments at www.paypal.me/nyxrising if you would rather support us that way.

KIT – we earn a small commission off items purchased through Kit.com, where we list our filming equipment and favourite cosplay material choices.

  • Are your shows scripted?

No, our shows are not scripted. Some of our series have pre-discussed dialogue and mostly we know where the story is going in each episode; however, we rely heavily on ad-lib and the great chemistry between our group.

  • Do you guys do cosplay full time or do you have “normal” jobs too?

We all have “normal” jobs. Bee and Nyx only work part-time just (to pay the rent and bills and so on) so they can dedicate every other moment of their free time to the channel. It’s a bit pressing on money to do it this way, but time is more important to us than money at the end of the day!

We’d love to be able to operate the channel full-time with no other work but it’s just not reasonable. Whilst we have significant money coming in from various sources like Patreon and merchandise, we also have huge outgoing expenses because the sort of stuff we make on Youtube is really costly! Just last week we spend over half of our incoming money on a location video shoot, and that was the beginning of the month, so as you can probably imagine, it gets used up long before we’d be able to call it a paycheck and spend it on our personal expenses.

Maybe one day if we get sponsors or something 🙂 we can dream!

  • Can you/I add subtitles to your videos on Youtube?

At the moment, no. Adding subtitles ourselves would be extremely time-consuming and we currently don’t have time for it. Allowing viewer submissions, especially in other languages, would mean needing to check every video to ensure the submitted subtitles are correct etc. – so unfortunately at the moment this isn’t a viable idea. Hopefully in future!

  • Can you come to a convention near me?

We CAN! But we can’t always afford it on our own. The best way to get us to your local and most convenient convention is to email the convention and request they invite us as guests. That way they may cover some of the costs, making us easier to adventure worldwide to meet you! At the moment we can only afford to visit one overseas convention a year if we are not invited as guests. For 2018, that was Katsucon in the USA in February. As for local UK conventions, we will try to come when convenient and affordable, but asking them to invite us is definitely worth it still!

  • Where do you buy your cosplay items?

All over the place. Ebay, Amazon, Coscraft, Arda. If you want to know about a specific item, please feel free to ask; asking ‘where did you buy your whole cosplay?’ is more difficult. We often make our cosplays from scratch or alter and customise items at home to be perfect. We might have bought an accessory or two!

If you’d like to know where we get wigs, prosthetics, props and so on, check www.kit.com/nyxrising to see if it’s on our list first, otherwise feel free to ask!

  • What equipment do you guys use to film?

Nyx shoots on a Canon 60D DSLR. Chase shoots on a Canon 5D Mark IV. All our microphones are from RODE. Our lights are mostly Neewer. You can find all our equipment listed at www.kit.com/nyxrising!

  • What editing software do you use?

Final Cut Pro X, which is an Apple exclusive product. If you are looking for editing software and using a PC instead, we recommend Sony Vegas Pro for beginners, or Adobe Premiere Pro for intermediate editors upwards.

  • Can I send you guys gifts/do you have a PO box?

Yes you can and yes we do! Our PO box address is Box 48, 18 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2BE, UK. We love receiving things to the PO box – our favourite items to receive are letters and fan art which we hang in the NyxRising office.

You’re welcome to send anything you like, but we’re not a huge fan of candy and we’re all fussy eaters, so food isn’t always a great idea unless you’re dying to send something really special.

If you’d like to send something other than letters or art (which is fine of course!) but are not sure what, below are a few of our favourite items we’ve received in the PO box to date:

– Jade stone figurines & dreamcatchers, items native to the area the sender was from
– Cross-stitch art of our logo
– A wooden carving of the triskele symbol, representing our self help series
– Coffee flavours local to the sender
– Polaroids from various fans of themselves (they go on our wall!)
– Postcards from the hometown of the sender
– Dank NyxRising memes (obviously)
– Books, the favourites of the sender or related to our channel
– Notebooks & writing instruments
– Handmade figurines and plush pokeballs
– Patches, badges, and other little bits related to the fandoms from our channel
– Birthday and Christmas cards

We keep everything we are sent! We’ve done a couple of unboxing videos in the past when we’ve been sent a lot of packages, but often open parcels on livestreams or post pictures of what we’ve received on social media instead.

  • When can I expect the next episode of (favourite show)?

Soon. As our projects grow more ambitious and include more people, it gets harder to get the episodes out quickly because we’re working around people’s schedules, location availability, and just the need to ensure every episode is better than the last. The nature of some of them means we have to film them months apart. But we promise the next episode IS coming! We never want to cop out and film something sub-par just to get a new episode uploaded, so if you’ve been waiting a while, it’s just because we’re making the next one super special.

  • Have you stopped making (favourite show)?

Absolutey not. If we haven’t put a ‘finale’ episode of a series out or publicly made a fuss about not continuing it, please assume more is coming. So far the only series that are finished are:

– The Real Malfoys Season One
– Max & Chloe in the Morning Season One
– The Blackwood Files

The exception to this rule is if we title a video ‘Pilot Episode’. In the industry, this term essentially means ‘test’ episode, to see how people respond. If we don’t feel viewers have responded well to a pilot episode, we may never continue the series!

  • When is the next season of (favourite show) coming out?

You’re probably referring to the top two series listed above as finished seasons! The truth is, we don’t know. Considering there is usually at least a month between episodes, expect at LEAST a year between seasons (as is standard in the world of TV anyway!) and if we’re currently making a different show about the same fandom we probably won’t be tackling Season 2 of that show until the other show is finished to avoid confusion (example: The Real Malfoys and The Growing Pains of Harry Potter, as both are separate stories but contain the same characters.)

Season 2 might also not actually be on the cards. With Max & Chloe in the Morning, we’ve realised we’ve come such a long way since we started that we’re better off making something new with that fandom than continuing in the current format.

  • How long are each of your series?

We don’t have a standard length – we commit to at least six episodes per series but it could be any number above that. The Real Malfoys was 6, as was Max & Chloe, but Blackwood was 10. Here is a rough estimate of how long we’d like our current series to continue:

– Sonorus Season One: 12 episodes
– Kirkwall Coffee Season One: 12 episodes
– Tales from the Cul-De-Sac: 8 episodes
– Night Vale Presents: 6 episodes
– A Week with Strexcorp: 6 episodes
– Growing Pains: 18+ episodes
– Avengers: Intermission: 18+ episodes

We don’t want to finish with fandoms forever (Night Vale is coming up on 6 episodes, for example) so you can expect we’ll make other content with the same characters after a series is done!

  • Is (x) character going to show up in (x) show?

Give us time. If your favourite character hasn’t appeared yet, it’s because of one of two reasons – either we haven’t found the perfect person to play that character yet, or we haven’t reached the right moment to introduce them. We never want to shove characters in just for the sake of it – they will make their appearance as and when it best fits into our storyline!

  • Are we going to see (x) ship/romance in your shows?

Sure, possibly! If it looks like we’re setting up two characters to be a couple (Hawke and Fenris in Kirkwall, for example) you can expect us to follow through on it and actually show it in the series. However just like introducing characters, we’re never going to show any ships gratuitously – if you’re going to see them kiss, it’ll be because it’s the right moment in the plot

  • Will you guys cosplay from (x) and make videos for it?

Maybe! We’re never going to say never, and we love hearing from our viewers as to what they’d like to see on the channel. In fact, we often blast social media to ask what you’d like us to do in the future! However, chances are if we’ve never watched/played/read the source material, it’s not going to happen until (if) we do.

  • You have cosplayed from (x), will there be videos for it?

All we can say is hopefully! A lot of people have asked whether we’re doing Yuri! on Ice videos in future, for example. We’d like to do videos with all our costumes, but it’s only going to happen if we have good ideas to film. Sometimes we’ll try something (YoI, Merlin) and the idea we try to film won’t work out. Hopefully in the future we can come up with something better!

  • Can I send you guys an idea to film for your show?

This is a difficult one. We love to see headcanons and theories about our shows and we highly encourage people commenting with these, but please don’t send us full episode ideas. It’s a matter of intellectual property; it becomes difficult to say who’s intellectual property an idea is if we’ve filmed it but someone else came up with it. Worse still, we’d hate to forget where we’d read something and use the idea in the future, only to not give any credit for it. Hopefully this makes sense!

  • If I see you at a convention, can I come say hi?

Please! This is the whole reason we go to cons – to meet and speak to people! We’d love you to come over and say hi, take pictures, and so on.

  • If I see you in public, can I come and say hi?

Yes, but please be aware of where we are and what we are doing! Coming over to say hello if you spot us in the street is absolutely wonderful; coming into our places of work and trying to initiate a long conversation when we’re trying to do our jobs is not so great. Simply be considerate of the fact we are normal people just like you who need private time!

  • I’ve seen some of you guys in other videos on Youtube, why aren’t those videos on your channel?

You’re most likely referring to videos produced by a channel called Parle Productions who operated for a long time but no longer do. That channel was run by Jack from our channel, and featured many of us/our friends in its content. We are not associated with any of that content, however! We’ve been running since before that channel stopped. Those series aren’t ours, those storylines have nothing to do with our series, and the characters within them are different to the same characters in our shows. We are in no way a continuation or revival of that channel, so please treat our content as an entirely separate thing, even if you were a fan of that channel in the past! 😀

  • Can I write fanfiction/draw fan art for your shows?

Please, we love to see fan art and fanfiction! Share it with us here, or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. We often print our favourite fan art and frame it on our office walls.


  • Who is dating in your group? Can we ‘ship’ you?

Bee and Nyx are a couple, and Sammi and Reiss are married. That’s it however, and we really don’t like to see people ‘shipping’ us with one another. We are real people and it can cause very real problems. Shipping our characters from the shows together is absolutely fine!

  • What is everyone’s gender/sexuality etc. etc.?

This is private, personal information and not anyone’s business. We understand if you’re looking for representation, but please look to our shows for it rather than us as people. It is down to each personal member of our group to share this if they want to; if they are not open about it publicly, please do not ask.

If you know something about it that you’ve heard in the past but we’re not publicly open about it, please also refrain from spreading it around like gossip – this isn’t fair on us!

  • What Hogwarts Houses are you all in?

Nyx is a Slytherin, Bee is a Hufflepuff, Sasha is a Gryffindor, and Jack and Chase are Ravenclaws.

  • What are your favourite/spirit animals?

Nyx – Dog / Bear
Bee – Cat / Bumblebee
Sasha – Fox / Fox
Jack – Rabbit / Hare
Chase – Stag / Stag

  • Do you have any allergies or food preferences I should know about? 

Yes, we’re all fussy eaters (which is why we’ve said above, sending food to the PO box isn’t always a great idea!)

Nyx is extremely allergic to shellfish and to spicy food (a recent development sadly). Bee is a vegetarian. Sasha does not eat sweets. Jack, Steven and Hannah are vegan. Chase and Sammi do not eat dairy. Reiss (the poor guy, who took one for the team in Blackwood Files) HATES onions.

  • What is everyone’s personal usernames/social media accounts?

Nyx is @paperstorms or @paper.storms on Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr. Their personal Facebook page is Rustlight Photography.

Bee is @0Becki or @zer0Becki on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (page name: Rebecca Read) and Tumblr.

Sasha is @roguearcanis on all four as well.

Jack only has Twitter and his handle is @dionysiandandy. If you see any accounts for him elsewhere, they are fake.

Chase is @electrospectrum or @electr0spectrum on all four. He also has his own youtube by the same name, where he makes awesome convention cosplay videos!

Everyone who features in our videos has their personal social media accounts listed in the description of the videos they are in, so you can always find them that way!


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