Next Event:

The next event NyxRising Industries will be attending is MCM London Comic Con in May 2017. We will be there for Saturday 27th only, wearing our Fantastic Beasts costumes!

We are arranging a time and place should anyone want to hang out, because we’d love to meet you lot. Preliminary time and date for this is 1.30PM in the trees outside the ExCel centre but we will keep you updated!


Past Events:

2016 has been a brilliantly eventful year for us. We attended two MCM Comic Cons and EGX games expo, as well as a couple of other cons (Wycombe Comic Con, Metro, Alcon) not as a group. You can catch our Con Vlogs on Youtube or over on our vlogs page, but here’s a quick run down of our best moments!

MCM London Comic Con – May 2016

Attending: Nyx, Bee, Jack, Sasha

This was Nyx’s first convention in five years and it was just so much fun. Bee, Jack and Nyx were wearing Dragon Age Inquisition costumes (Sera, Dorian and Inquisitor Lavellan respectively) and Sasha wore Katniss Everdeen, which suits her so, so much. We attended a Dragon Age cosplay meet organised by the Citadel cosplay group that was just crazy fun and met a load of great people!

EGX – September 2016

Attending: Nyx, Bee, Nahnah

Talk about exciting. Nyx, Bee and Nahnah were invited along to have a photoshoot in their Final Fantasy XV costumes by Square Enix, in their amazing chocobo ranch booth promoting the game! There were actual chocobos there too, incredible life-size puppets that made noises and messed around with us. So incredibly cute! Find more photos in our gallery and on the Final Fantasy XV facebook page but check out this wonderful one by Catberry Photography. Bee as Cindy, Nyx as Noctis, Nahnah as Prompto and our lovely friend Ardent Cosplay as Ignis. You can also catch us in Square Enix’s livestream video of the event, and on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. This was an experience we won’t soon forget!

Photo by Catberry Photography.
Photo by Catberry Photography. Click to visit her page.

MCM London Comic Con – October 2016

Attending: Nyx, Bee, Sasha, Jack, Nahnah

This was our first full cosplay group together which was incredibly exciting! We went in our Until Dawn costumes, which we have big plans for in the new year. Nyx was Josh Washington, Jack was Chris, Bee was Sam, Nahnah was Ashley and Sasha was Jess. The reception these costumes got was just awesome and we had so much fun wearing them that we can’t wait to get back into them. We also got some awesome photoshoots done throughout the day – here’s our favourite group shot, but you can find more on the gallery page:

Photography by Carlos Adama Photography.
Photography by Carlos Adama Photography. Click to visit his page.