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All of us at NyxRising Industries want to keep our content free forever. We pledge to never charge for our Youtube videos, no matter what. However everything we do comes out of our own pockets – costumes, equipment, travel and renting locations, props, and so on. Running NR Industries the way you’ve come to expect is like a full-time job on top of our full-time jobs.

And we’re fine with that. We love to do it. But as the channel grows, so do our ambitions – we’d love to bring you more content, more frequently and at increasingly great quality. We really want to make it clear YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO. I can’t stress enough that WE WILL STILL BE CREATING CONTENT ANYWAY for Youtube and all our other platforms without donations – the donations will just push our content further than we have ever dared to dream. So if you want to support us in what we do, read on and find out how.


Patreon is a monthly donation system that allows you to pledge an amount of your choosing to us via PayPal. Money is taken on the 1st of every month (so if you set up before payday, don’t worry) and we’ve set up a huge selection of perks to our Patreon Supporters. A pledge of $5 per month gets you access to blooper videos, first-look photoshoots and automatic entry into giveaways. $10 adds behind the scenes videos, exclusive photoshoots, store discounts and voter rights. All our tiers up to $100 add great perks, including social media follow backs, real life meet ups and private livestreams, help directing videos, being in our videos and so on. Take a look at what’s on offer at and join our tribe today!

Ko-Fi is a sweet and simple one-off donation system that allows you to donate the cost of a coffee to creators who produce free content. Donate a one-off amount at starting from £3, and keep Nyx caffeinated!

Donate any amount you like via PayPal’s secure payment system. If you want us to use it for something specific, why not leave us a note? Donate at